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Three little words.

true romanticYou don’t often know which are the pivotal moments in your life, not at the time anyway.

This one though, this one I could feel.

Realising that you love someone is a strange sensation in many ways. Not the least of which is the impression that some other you is walking up behind you in your head, (well, know what I mean) metaphorically tapping you on the shoulder, saying; “Excuse me, you do realise that you’re in love with Her don’t you?” and then scuttling back into whatever dark recesses they came from, into the places we cannot follow.

My point is that it’s often more of a surprise revelation, rather than a slow dawning realisation. Like a word that’s been on the tip of your tongue all day, which suddenly occurs to you in the bath, or standing at a supermarket checkout, where it’s of no bloody use to anyone.

Like a girlfriend you’ve never met, who’s several thousand miles away for example, that’s what you’re thinking, I’m sure.

And who can blame you? It does seem like a preposterous situation to find oneself in. But after that invisible, internal tap on the shoulder, that nudge and a wink in the direction of the pertinent facts, well, things like mere distance and geography pale into insignificance.

So, next thing: Do I tell Her?

Well obviously I tell Her, but how do I tell Her?

Just blurting out those three little, yet so huge, words would need a very particular set of circumstances to ensure maximum effect. Especially in the case of phone conversations carried out over the less than perfect conduit of the internet, where a simple audio delay means that “sorry-I-missed-that-no-it’s-ok-you-go-first-no-you-go-first-no-I-insist…” type of exchanges can kill the mood during any romantic moment, let alone one so fraught with pitfalls.

In the end I kind of compromised, dropping into our next chat the casual observation that a friend had asked me the question by proxy, so to speak.

Me – I was talking to a blogger friend of mine about you yesterday and she asked me a question that took me by surprise.

Her – Yes?

Me – She asked me; “So, do you love Her?”

Her – My heart just stopped! What did you tell her?

Me – I want to say I love you. It seems so soon to be saying that, but I just can’t think of any other way of describing how I feel about you …{pulse racing, heart suddenly pounding}… So yes, I love you.

Her – I love you too.


As easy as that.



About trueromantic/dalecooper57

Blogger, writer, animator, photographer, maker of strange electronic "music", there's no end to the things that I'm getting quite good at.

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  1. “My point is that it’s often more of a surprise revelation, rather than a slow dawning realisation.”

    I agree…it’s often more a surprise revelation that suddenly hits. “YES..I love this person.”

    Love the way you told Her. And She you.


  2. It certainly was one of those moments.



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